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Mining Precious Metals and Rare Earth Elements

trommel and conveyor assemblyGeorgia Gold [a privately owned] open pit mining operation was founded in April of 1998 for the purposes of precious metals recovery in the Dahlonega Gold belt of North Georgia. The area has known prospects dating back to the 15th century during the time of the Spanish explorers of DeSoto and Balboa.

mining operations source pitOur Basic Methodology: The raw consentrates are removed from an open pit excavation with depths as deep as 42' to bedrock. Once removed the raw material is processed through several specialized peices of equipment designed for that particular geology. Starting from the pit, into a dump hopper with a sizing grizzly onto a conveyor into a trommel. There the material is emulsified and classified down to .125 mesh. The larger material is ejected onto an inspection plate and rerun after every shift. The .125 mesh material is then reclassified to .109 mesh. Again the oversized material is ejected for inspection. The .109 is then reclassified down to #20 mesh, again the oversized is run through a sluice to capture any heavy materials. The #20 mesh is caught in a receiver tank and jetted into a 4' dia gravity bowl. The use of several peices of earth moving equipment provide the operation with a production rate that is suitable for a profitable result. bobcat 751 skidsteer

4 ft gravity separation unitAfter the raw materials have been classified to a #20 mesh. They are sent through a water based gravity separation unit at the rate of 70 gallons per/minute of combined concentrates and water. This allows the heaviest of the classified materials [Gold Titanium Iron Hafnium Yittrium Zirconium Manganese] to settle in the base of the concentrator and the lighter waste material is carried off and discarded back into the recycling pit. From the Gravity separator the material is passed through a spiral trommel separator, drawing out the last of the waste unusable materials. Currently, we are adding a micronizing process [500 mesh] to the end of the heavy concentrates process. This addition will afford enhanced and optimized precious metals recoveries during the refining process. recycling recovery pit

Georgia Gold holds appx 1000 acres of privately owned land in 14 locations throughout the Dahlonega Gold belt from Dawson County southwest into Paulding County, spanning a distance of 60 miles. All have profitable resources of various quantities for this type of mining operation. The State of Georgia has some of the finest Gold value deposits on the North American Continent, the Gold naturally without any refining averages .993 - .997 fine. Not only Gold but other valuable metals and material are also recovered during the process mentioned above. Georgia Gold is actively seeking precious metals refiners to handle the volume of heavy concentrates we produce for the refining process.
Georgia Gold also holds placer deposits in Arizona.

Georgia Gold is an enviornmentally conscious operation. Before moving our operation we completely reclaim the existing area. As it should be.Returning the area back to it's natural condition.

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Georgia Gold also supports a second Trommel operation as a primary donor of equipment and support to the Georgia Gold Prospectors Association. Their operation is a recreational one by nature, a duplication of Georgia Gold's equipment on a smaller recreational scale. The GGPA Membership also partiscipates by mining, processing and selling their own heavy concentrates to the refiners, from another of Georgia Gold's mining properties.
Here is a video of their Trommel just after completion of construction. Click Here
GGPA Commom Dig in Feburary Video